24 October, 2014

Seven tips for your skin to look like more younger

1. Protect your skin from sun: To move in direct sun causes many harmful objects on your skin so while you have to go in direct sun you should use sun screen cream and wear protective clothing. Try to avoid the sun from 10 AM to 4 PM and try to have sun shade.

Healty skin model

2. Do not smoke: Smoking is very harmful for our health. It brings many disease for our body. Smoking makes our skin looks like older and tends to contribute wrinkles

3. Limit the bath time: Over shower causes your skin oil less so avoid it and use warm water instead of hot.

Healty skin model

4. Shave carefully: Apply for your face Shaving cream, gel or lotion before shaving.

5. Have healthy meal: Eat Vegetable, fruit, grain and vitamin C much more. Vitamin C and refined carbohydrates may help you for younger skin.

6. Keep your mind stress free: Stress is very effective for your skin to grow acne on your face and other skin problem.

7. Drink water and milk: Milk is very essential for glowing skin. So have milk and water sufficiently all day long.

                                                Have a good life
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