20 October, 2014

love sign and tips for love making

        How to know a man if he is in love

There are some sign to know if any man falls in love. Here are some example:

1. Eye contact : 
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Most of the man looks away what he does not like. If the man  look constantly on your eyes and keeps up constantly that is the first sign he is in love.      

2. Interests of secrets:
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When a man loves a woman he likes to know about her desire, her wants and dream, her secret world etc. when such happens just think he is in love with you. 

3. Wants to touch: 
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He will desire to make small soft touches in hand to the arm or hand or back of your neck. Small touch is the sign of love and it means that he is perfectly into you.

4. Introduces to the friends:

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The man considers about introducing his friends no matter what they think. If you meets his friends that is the important sign that he is proud of you and loves you.

5. Bring you to meet his family:
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The family is next after introduction of the friends. If  the man bring you to his parents the sign is more effective for your relation.

6. Calls you first:
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If your boyfriend calls you most of the time in a day and make text message think you have got a good guy. During his work he sends sweat text he is taking care about you. He is definitely in great love with you.

7. Makes you laugh:

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He will bring you something different when you feel bore. He will try to make laugh you. You will go with fun he will try to give you some special moment.

8. Spends for you:

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Your boy will spend time and something of his pocket. He will  some crazy to spend time better than his any time. So, go out of your way to be sure that you return and spend time with him.

9. A Little jealous:
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If the boy feels a little bit jealous in a common situation as long as his not intense that shows that he feels for you.

10. Shares the plan about the future: 

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What he thinks about the future and what is his ambition will share with you. He will tell you about his plan or what he will do after marring or what will bring for you after five years etc. Feel about that and have that as your desire but he is in love.

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11. Respects Your opinion:

He will respect your thinking. He will take positive value of your plan.

12. Protective action: 
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He loves you so, He will try to keep you safe from bad significant or every harmful situations from human or wild.

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