Trustworthy faces could be measured by happy smiling.


A happy face discriminates a man as more trustworthy than sad looking. A baby face is consider as the freshness of mind is likely found in a happy looking face.

Trustworty model

Dr. Chisrtofer Olivola who is  co-author of the study published in trend in cognitive science said "Although we would like to think our judgment and choice are rational Impartial, consistent and solely based on relative information-the truth is that they are often biased by superficial and irrelevant factors". 

Love sign and tips for love making

How to know a man if he is in love
There are some sign to know if any man falls in love. Here are some example:
Love making model photo
1. Eye contact : 
Most of the man looks away what he does not like. If the man  look constantly on your eyes and keeps up constantly that is the first sign he is in love.  

How to buildup attractive personality to everybody

Attractive Personality model photo

You may be a boss or you may be a higher post Executive or you may be a representative for your institution. If you want to get success or want to be a popular parson; no doubt you have to build up a great personality for yourself. If you think that somebody of your relatives, your colleagues or your partners are so popular that everybody likes him and there are very good relationship with others.

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Your appearance talks to you and it talks to others

Rule: Remember, your appearance "talks." Be sure it says positive things about you. Never leave home without feeling certain you look like the 
Think the best image

kind of person you want to be. The most honest advertisement ever appearing in print is the "Dress Right. You Can't Afford Not To!" slogan sponsored by the American Institute of Men's and Boys' Wear. This slogan deserves to be framed in every office, restroom, bedroom, office, and schoolroom in America. In one ad a policeman speaks. He says:You can usually spot a wrong kid just bythe way he looks. Sure it's unfair, but it's a fact: people today judge a youngster by appearance. And once they've tabbed a boy, it's tough to change their minds about him, their attitude toward him. Look at your boy. Look at him through his teacher's eyes, your neighbors' eyes. Could the wayit looks, the clothes he wears, give them the wrong impressions Are you making sure he looks light, dresses right, everywhere he goes This advertisement, of course, refers primarily to children. But it can be applied to adults as well. In the sentence beginning with look, substitute the wordyourself for /him, Your for his, superior's for teacher's, and associates' forneighbors', and reread the sentence. Look at yourself through your superior's eyes, your associates' eyes. It costs so little to be neat. Take the slogan literally. Interpret it to say: Dress right; it always pays. Remember: look important because it helps you to think important. Use clothing as a tool toIifr your spirits, build confidence. An old psychology professor of mine used to give this advice to students on last-minute preparations formal examinations: "Dress up for this important exam. Get a new tie. Have your suit pressed. Shine your shoes. Look sharp because it will help you think sharp." The professor knew his psychology. Make no mistake about it. Your physical exterior affects your mental interior. How you look on the outside affects how you think and feel on the inside.

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