06 November, 2014

Top 10 billionaire richest man in the business world as latest in 2014



   1. Bill Gates: Net USD worth 82.4 Billion

William Henry Bill Gates

William Henry Bill Gates was born in Seattle, Washington in America in 1955 on 28 October. He is the Technology adviser of Microsoft. He is also Co-Chair of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, CEO of Cascade Investment and Chairman of Corbis. Bill Gates is in Business from 1975. He is religious in Roman Catholicism.  Bill Gates Lives in Medina Washington...Read more about Bill Gates


 2. Carlos Slim Helu: Net USD worth  81.2 Billion

Carlos Slim Helu

Carlos Slim Heli is the Chairman of Grupo Carso Was born in Mexico City of Maxico in 1940 on january 28. He lives in Mexico City and he is Mexican in Nationality. He is Graduate in Civil Engineering. He is the Chairman and CEO of Telmex, America Movil and Grupo Carso....Read more about Carlos Slim

      3. Warren Buffett: Net USD worth 67 Billion

Warren Adward Buffet

 Warren Adward Buffett is the Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. He was born in Omaha Nebraska in U.S. He started his business since 1951.He is religious in  Agnostic and lives in America....Read more about Warren Buffett


4. Amancio Ortega: Net  USD worth 65.6 Billion

Amancio Ortega


Amancio Ortega was born in Busdongo De Arbas, Leon in Spain in 1936. He is the Co- Founder and CEO  Of Inditex Group. He opened his first Zara Store in 1975. Zara is a part of Inditex Group.....Read more about Amancio Ortega

5. Larry Ellison Carlos: Net USD Worth 49.7 Billion

Larry Ellison Carlos

Larry Ellison Carlos was born in Manhattan, New York in U.S. He is the Co Founder and  Chairman of Oracle Corporation. He lives in Wood Side, California ....Read more about Larry Ellison Carlos

6. Charles Koch: Net USD worth 41.6 Billion

Charles Koch

Charles Koch is the Chairman and CEO of Koch industries. He was born in Wichita, Kansas in USA. He also lives in Kansas of USA. Charles is the most influential people  of 2011 as  included by TIME Magazine.....Read more about Charles Koch

7.  Sheldon Adelson: Net USD worth 37 billion

Sheldon Gary Adelson

Sheldon Gary Adelson is the Chairman of Las Vagas Sandas. He was Born in Boston in United States in 1933. He is American by Nationality. Sheldon Adelson Graduated from City college of New York. Sheldon Adelson owns the israeli Daily Newspaper Israel Ha Yom....Read more about Sheldon Adelson

             8.  David H Koch: Net USD worth  36 billion

David Hamilton Koch

David Hamilton Koch is the VP of Koch Industries. He was born in 1940 in Wichita Kansas Unites States. He is a Post graduate in Chemical Engineering.David Hamilton is American by Ntionality....Read more about David Hamilton Koch 

01 November, 2014

Fake egg-be aware of artificial and how to identify

                           THIS IS NEED TO BE AWARE OF ARTIFICIAL EGG      

This not so long ago the the people discovered fake egg and introduces that into 

Egg photo

public market as real chicken egg. So, You should be very careful when to think to buy egg. 

Egg photo

Dear Reader, I am sharing here for you how to Identify the fake egg 


1. The shell of fake egg is a little bit shinier to look than the real.
2. If you shake the fake egg that will make some noises inside.
3. The hand feel of the fake egg will be some rough than the real egg.
4. The real egg smells as like raw meat but the fake will different.
5. When you will fry the fake egg the yolk will be spread without any touch. 

Power grid fails-blackout hits all over in bangladesh

Power grid fails in Bangladesh

The road stretch from Bangla Motors to Karwanbazar in Dhaka city remains illuminated with only headlights of vehicles on Saturday night as the whole country plunges into darkness during a blackout. — Sony Ramany
Power grid fails in Bangladesh

The hole country went into a blackout yesterday. The blackout started at around 11:27 am and resumed around 3:30 pm and the power grid again collapsed at 4:30 pm for the second time..MORE

Finally, city dwellers start getting power supply                                         Blackout all over as grid fails

27 October, 2014

How to buildup attractive personality to everybody

How to build up attractive personality

You may be a boss or you may be a higher post Executive or you may be a representative for your institution. If you want to get success or want to be a popular parson; no doubt you have to build up a great personality for yourself. If you think that somebody of your relatives, your colleagues or your partners are so popular that everybody likes him and there are very good relationship with others.

Attractive personality photo
Here I am sharing some tips and tricks how to maintain your daily life with a great personality:

Be confident: Confidence is the key to get succeed in every sector of your life. If you are a shy person find out what is the subject matter are you afraid. Choose someone to talk with him in open mind and share necessary things to get him more conversational attitude.

Be humorous and jolly minded: Everybody will thank you if you be more joyful and bring for them some fun to share into their world.

Attractive personality photo
Be nice to everyone: Never be angry even if you are in working and be a nice person for them. Try to learn around you and name everyone so that they can share with you in brave.

Be cool: In your every circumstances you should behave cool and never be sentimental on them. If you feel nervous just get a little breathe and have some fun.
Attractive personality photo
Feel comfort with yourself: No one is as like as you. So, When you will meet some one try to get him friendly with comfortable eye contact and body language. I there some thing else tell yourself that the person is as like you and go on.

Don’t try to be popular: A dependable group of friend is always the key to bring more friends. A real popular person has the real personality but he doesn’t try to become popular. Let your people mark on you.

Attractive personality photo

Be open in relationship: An open mind is needed for you to become nearer with others. So, Share and explore the moment where you are going.

Be happy: A happy face is more dependable and trustworthy to others. Never be sorrowful and upset any single moment just take a deep breathe and relax.

24 October, 2014

Seven tips for your skin to look like more younger

1. Protect your skin from sun: To move in direct sun causes many harmful objects on your skin so while you have to go in direct sun you should use sun screen cream and wear protective clothing. Try to avoid the sun from 10 AM to 4 PM and try to have sun shade.

Healty skin model

2. Do not smoke: Smoking is very harmful for our health. It brings many disease for our body. Smoking makes our skin looks like older and tends to contribute wrinkles

3. Limit the bath time: Over shower causes your skin oil less so avoid it and use warm water instead of hot.

Healty skin model

4. Shave carefully: Apply for your face Shaving cream, gel or lotion before shaving.

5. Have healthy meal: Eat Vegetable, fruit, grain and vitamin C much more. Vitamin C and refined carbohydrates may help you for younger skin.

6. Keep your mind stress free: Stress is very effective for your skin to grow acne on your face and other skin problem.

7. Drink water and milk: Milk is very essential for glowing skin. So have milk and water sufficiently all day long.

                                                Have a good life

21 October, 2014

Trustworthy faces could be measured by happy smiling.


A happy face discriminates a man as more trustworthy than sad looking. A baby face is consider as the freshness of mind is likely found in a happy looking face.

Trustworty model

Dr. Chisrtofer Olivola who is  co-author of the study published in trend in cognitive science said "Although we would like to think our judgment and choice are rational Impartial, consistent and solely based on relative information-the truth is that they are often biased by superficial and irrelevant factors". An Ideal look for a criminal could be measured as prominent factor. Good smiling appearance and high eyebrows are sign of trustworthiness and honesty.

20 October, 2014

love sign and tips for love making

        How to know a man if he is in love

There are some sign to know if any man falls in love. Here are some example:

1. Eye contact : 
Love making model photo
Most of the man looks away what he does not like. If the man  look constantly on your eyes and keeps up constantly that is the first sign he is in love.      

2. Interests of secrets:
Love making model photo

When a man loves a woman he likes to know about her desire, her wants and dream, her secret world etc. when such happens just think he is in love with you. 

3. Wants to touch: 
Love making model photo

He will desire to make small soft touches in hand to the arm or hand or back of your neck. Small touch is the sign of love and it means that he is perfectly into you.

4. Introduces to the friends:

Love making model photo

The man considers about introducing his friends no matter what they think. If you meets his friends that is the important sign that he is proud of you and loves you.

5. Bring you to meet his family:
Love making model photo

The family is next after introduction of the friends. If  the man bring you to his parents the sign is more effective for your relation.

6. Calls you first:
Love making model photo

If your boyfriend calls you most of the time in a day and make text message think you have got a good guy. During his work he sends sweat text he is taking care about you. He is definitely in great love with you.

7. Makes you laugh:

Love making model photo
He will bring you something different when you feel bore. He will try to make laugh you. You will go with fun he will try to give you some special moment.

8. Spends for you:

Love making model photo
Your boy will spend time and something of his pocket. He will  some crazy to spend time better than his any time. So, go out of your way to be sure that you return and spend time with him.

9. A Little jealous:
Love making model photo

If the boy feels a little bit jealous in a common situation as long as his not intense that shows that he feels for you.

10. Shares the plan about the future: 

Love making model photo

What he thinks about the future and what is his ambition will share with you. He will tell you about his plan or what he will do after marring or what will bring for you after five years etc. Feel about that and have that as your desire but he is in love.

Love making model photo
11. Respects Your opinion:

He will respect your thinking. He will take positive value of your plan.

12. Protective action: 
Love making model photo

He loves you so, He will try to keep you safe from bad significant or every harmful situations from human or wild.

These are all about Love

Shahrukh khan news update

                             SHAHRUKH KHAN UPDATE-                              Latest Films and Events

Shahrukh Khan was born in New Delhi, India on November 2 in 1965. He is known as Indian Emperor in film industry. Shahrukh is most famous and popular actor in India and over the world.

Shahrukh Khan photo
He started his career in theater at first and appeared in many television program in India and engaged in film media since 1988 till present. 

Shahrukh Khan photo
His first movie was 'Dewana'. After the first movie he played negative correcter in roles such as Darr, Bazigarr, Anjam then he comes to prominence by acting in romantic-comedy film Dilwale Dulhan Lijayenge, Dil to pagol hai, Kuch Kuch hotahai etc. More Commming soon...
       SRK  Around the network:

Shahrukh Khan photo

Never used social media to market my films: Shah Rukh Khan
Shahrukh Khan photo

Comparison with Modi is a bit strange, but I take it as a compliment: Shah Rukh Khan
Shahrukh Khan photo

19 October, 2014

Neimar passed the half century

              Half Century of Naimar

The Brazilian Player Barcelona Superstar Neimar Has played the 50th international match for Barcelona. The Match will be memorable for the fans for

বার্সার জার্সিতে ৫০তম ম্যাচ উপলক্ষে এ বলটি উপহার পেলেন নেইমার। ছবি: এফসিবার্সেলোনাডটকম
Superstar Neimar

his 2nd Goal and that is the winning flash for Barcelona. The Brazilian forwarder Neimar has played 33 league match, 12 champion league, 03 Spanish Cup and 02 Spanish super Cup and total goal 24 for the four kind of League/Champion ship.

source: online desk

Naveena ice cream 2 rare image

Naveena Ice cream-2 selected image

Here the selected image of popular movie ice cream 2

Naveena Photo

Naveena Photo
Naveena Photo

Naveena Photo
Naveena Photo

Shilpi Sharma selected photos very uncommon

                                       Shilpi Sharma selected photos

Shilpi Sharma photo

Shilpi Sharma photo
Shilpi Sharma photo

Shilpi Sarma IS an Indian actress and model. She has got the leading position in south Indian cinema. Here you will find some special photos which is selected specially.
Shilpi Sharma photo
Shilpi Sharma photo

Shilpi Sharma photo
Shilpi Sharma photo

18 October, 2014

Apple new ipad air 2 now in market

        Apple New IPAD-What is new

Apple Has brought a new model IPAD air 2 in Market .There are some changes in new model than the before. 
Apple Idea Pad

                                        This is more slim and has fast speed processor. 

                      The thickness of the model is 18% less from the before model IPAD Air.

Apple Idea Pad

The Apple argues that the model is most thin in the world ipad market. The IPAD has anti glower skin, High speed processor, Touch ID fingerprint sensor, Selfie camera, Golden IPAD. 

17 October, 2014

most funny real fun


The following post only for fun fan who likes fun..... who love fun....

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Fun photo
Fun photo

Fun photo

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Fun photo

Fun photo

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