You can emprove yourself by your thirty days thinking and making planing. You can bleave and think:

Between now and I will
A. Break these habits: (suggestions)
1. Putting off things.
2. Negative language.
3. Watching TV more than 60 minutes per day.
4. Gossip.
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B. Acquire these habits: (suggestions)
1. A rigid morning examination of my appearance.
2. Plan each day's work the night before.
3. Compliment people at every possible opportunity.  Read More

People are not measured in inches-How to Think Big

People are not measured in inches, pounds or college degrees, or family background; they are measured by the size of their thinking.

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 How big we think determines the size of our accomplishments Now let's see how we can enlarge our thinking. Ever ask yourself "Whatis my greatest weakness)" Probably the greatest human weakness is self deprecation-that is, selling oneself short. Self deprecation shows through in own ways. John sees a job advertisement in the paper; it's exactly what he would like. But he does nothing about it because he thinks, 'T m not goodenough for that job, so why bother?" Or Jim wants a date with Joan, but he doesn't call her because he thinks he wouldn't rate with her. Tom feels Mr. Richards would be a very good prospect for his product, but Tom doesn't call. He feels Mr. Richards is too big to see him. Pete is filling out a job application form. One question asks, "What beginning salary do you expect)" Pete puts down .a modest figure because he feels he really isn't worth thebigger sum that he would like to earn. Philosophers for thousands of years have issued good advice: Know thyself. But most people, it seems, interpret this suggestion to mean Know only thy negative self. Most self-evaluation consists of making long mental lists of one's faults, shortcomings, inadequacies, It's well to know our inabilities, for this shows us areas in which we can improve. But if we think only our negative characteristics in a mess. Our value is small. Here is an exercise to help you measure your true size. I've used it in training programs for executives and sales personnel. It works...Read More

Some way to control anger

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Anger could be a little bit helpful in your life but anger is very dangerous for you to make your life beautiful. The relationship  between one to another could be bad for some bad thing and anger is the most of them. Your beloved people may go far away from you for your bad anger. So, the anger must be controlled and you should not be angry. It is possible to make thing better in cool ...Read More

Everybody to know the eight things before reach 30 years of age

Life is not so easy how much do you think is the view of many people before they reached to theirage 30 Years. We have to face many problems if we can’t make our life as our own thinking. Many people can’t think when to be conscious about life. It is to think about the goal after we reach at the age 20. The eight question to be marked as the gateway in our life and we to find out the answer in our depth.Read More

Home Manager Social responsibilities and duties

The family is a unit of the society and it is also a base unit of the society. Society helps a person to nurture his/her customs, idealism and social values. The social responsibilities and duties of a home manager involve associating herself and the other members of the family with several social organizations like Leo Clubs, Rotary Clubs, Girl Guides etc. and thereby making the family an integral part of social development.
It is also the duty of a home manager to encourage the family members in mixing with various people of the society and also to join with various programmes of the society. Side by side, she should teach the family members the social customs, manners and ideology and also encourage them to exercise those properly.

To encourage the family members in attending social development activities For the betterment of the society, the members of the family have to perform various activities. In this way social development is made. Now-a-days not only the educational institutions but various social organisations are also engaged in imparting education.

These social organisation are working together with government, non-government and international organisations. For example, Bangladesh Shisu Academy works for the intellectual development of children of ..Read More

Do we Measure Calories?

We eat to have energy but how much energy we need? How can we measure energy? Our daily successful life is ferformed by our mental and physical energy and this why we to know how we get energy and how much we need. Calorie is the unit of measurement of energy. Energy is essential to meets our bodies basic metablism, to compensate for the excretory losses and for various physical activities. Our body gatheres and uses energgy from the conception unit we die and keeps ourselve alive. The human body uses energy even we the people are asleep. We can't measure energy but we can measure heat and this is to easy that by measuring heat we can measure energy. Energy may be in the various form and  such of heat chemical, electrical, mechanical or solar energy. The energy can be diverted or converted from one to another.Read More

The 15 Most Stylish Twins On Instagram

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Elena and Natalia Maranian

People who trust more increases the experience and get older

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The people who used to trust more on people get more older this is the experimental findings.......Read More
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