30 March, 2015

How to decrease Traffic jam in Dhaka- some resolving way

Dhaka is the Capital City of Bangladesh and one of the most high populated city in the world. The traffic jam is the main problem of the city. The people of Dhaka is being suffering for long time from this bad jam and they are finding to get solution from it. Dhaka is very important city for the people of Bangladesh because most of the sources of income are here and the people of Dhaka to move several location daily. Here are some ipportant point to be considered highly to remove the traffic jam from the city Dhaka:

1. There are so many private Car in Dhaka moving roundly for several occations. When we watch and follow inside of the cars we get a look that 01 person is seated in the car. As the result only one person has one car on the busy road even most of the time we used to see that there are no person in the car but the car is on the road.

In this sicumstance the private car should be monitored highly and there cound be some selected VIP person to have the private car in Dhaka.

2. Rickshaw, CNG auto rickshaw and Taxi Cab to be banned in the main road and the auto rickshwa and Taxi Cab could be run only in the pocket road in the city.

Traffic Jam in Dhaka

3. There are several types of population in the city and there should be several types of bus service for the several types of people.  High quality Bus to be ran in the city for those who used go by private cars and the bus service must be highly monitored by the government specially timing schedule and interrior environment.

4. Metro rail could be the great solution for the people of Dhaka. The rail schedule to be monitored by high class officials.

5. Some point could be measured to make some new flyover.

6. There are a vast of place owend by Cantonment in the city Dhaka. The Cantonment area could be replaced beside the city and that will be a great solution to recover the traffic Jam in Dhaka.

7. To decrease Private cars in the city there should be increased the Tax on the car to import and the tax should be increased thousand times.

The above points are the some important way to get relief from traffic jam in Dhaka. There are many ways to reduce traffic Jam but if we follow the above points the Traffic Jam will go far from the City Dhaka.

Sk. Boni Amin
Economist and Writer.

PolitePress Breaking News: Iran nuclear talks race towards deadline

Global powers were due to gather with Iran Monday, seeking to slot into place the last pieces of a complex puzzle to curtail Tehran's nuclear programme as diplomats said tentative agreement on some parts had been reached.
Iran nuclear talks Meeting photo
US Secretary of State John Kerry will lead the team of six world powers -- who hope an end to more than a decade of nuclear tensions with Iran may be in sight -- for their first full plenary session of the latest round of talks.
While diplomats said some key points appeared to have been resolved to ensure Iran cannot make a covert dash for a nuclear bomb, they cautioned that the outlines of a political understanding were not yet fully agreed.
"We are here because we believe a deal can be done," Hammond told reporters in Lausanne late Sunday as he became the last of the P5+1 group of foreign ministers to arrive in the Swiss town for the talks.
"But it has to be a deal which puts the bomb beyond Iran's reach," he said, adding he hoped for success before Tuesday's midnight deadline.Read More

29 March, 2015

A great victory of Australia-Australia net fifth World Cup title

Australia Cricket Team photo
Michael Clarke marked his final one-day international with a fine 74 as Australia won their fifth World Cup, beating fellow co-hosts New Zealand by seven wickets in a one-sided final in Melbourne on Sunday.

New Zealand, who defeated Australia by one wicket in the pool phase, were all but out of the match after being dismissed for just 183 following captain Brendon McCullum's decision to bat first, having won the toss.
The writing was on the wall for New Zealand, appearing in their first World Cup final, when McCullum was bowled for a duck in the first over by impressive left-arm fast bowler Mitchell Starc.
Grant Elliott (83) and Ross Taylor (40) rebuilt the innings with a stand of 111 before New Zealand lost a trio of quick wickets, with Starc and fellow left-arm seamers Mitchell Johnson and James Faulkner sharing eight wickets between them.
Australia captain Clarke, playing his last one-day international before he retires from white-ball, but not Test cricket, saw his side to the brink of victory before he was bowled for 74 in his 245th ODI, with the skipper walking off to a standing ovation from a record Melbourne Cricket Ground crowd of 93,013.Read More

PolitePress Breaking News:

Mike Pence Dodges Questions On Anti-Gay Discrimination In Indiana.......Fierce Backlash Mounts Over Indiana's 'Religious Freedom' Law........ Upset By Elizabeth Warren, U.S. Banks Debate Halting Some Campaign Donations...........Indiana Governor Mike Pence Seeks To 'Clarify' 'Religious Freedom' Law

23 March, 2015

Polite press Breaking news: 'Denmark could face nuclear attack if joins missile shield’

'Denmark could face nuclear attack if joins missile shield’ On March 23, 2010, President Barack Obama signed the Affordable Care Act -- a law designed to make health insurance available to all Americans and, over time, to make the health care system more efficient. Vice President Joe Biden’s comment that the law was a “B.F.D.,” which an open microphone at the White House ceremony caught, was mainly a reference to the decades-long quest to establish some kind of universal health care system, bringing to the U.S. the same guarantees of financial security and access to medical care that have long existed in every other developed country.

But Biden’s quip was also a statement about the grueling fight to get a bill through Congress. For more than a year, stretching back to Obama’s very first days in office, Republicans and their allies had attacked the law relentlessly and, at times, hyperbolically. They didn't just doubt that the law would achieve its goals, they also predicted that it would wreak havoc on the federal budget, the economy and the health care system. Read More

Polite Breaking news: BNP worried about city polls campaign

Khaleda Zia PhotoBNP worried about city polls campaign: The BNP is worried whether the party’s candidates, as well as its leaders and activists, will be able to campaign freely if they decide to contest Dhaka and Chittagong city corporation polls.  Once the decision to join the elections is finalised, the election commission will be officially apprised of the BNP’s apprehensions through the party nominees.
Sources within the BNP said they want to highlight the need of a level-playing field for free and fair elections.

The BNP’s central leaders are talking about approaching the election commission so that the politically motivated cases, arrests and harassment are halted and leaders can come out freely to campaign.
The BNP’s standing committee member Nazrul Islam Khan told Prothom Alo on Sunday that no decision had been taken about participation in the city corporation polls as yet. This will be finalised during discussions in the party and with the alliance. If the decision is positive, various factors including the apprehensions will be raised.Read More

The PolitePress: short profile of Bangladeshi 10 successful Man

The PolitePress: short profile of Bangladeshi 10 successful Man: 10 successful Bangladeshi leader/Entrepreneurs short profile 01. Dr. Muhammad Yunus

 Dr Muhammad Yunus was born in the  vill..............Read More

The PolitePress: Kristen Stewart is going to join an Indian Drama F...

The PolitePress: Kristen Stewart is going to join an Indian Drama F...:

Kristen Stewart is going to join an Indian Film "Untitled Kelly Reichardt project" 

which would be directed by Reichardt. She is w...Read More

Seven tips for your skin to look like more younger...

Healty skin model

The PolitePress: Seven tips for your skin to look like more younger...:         HEALTHY AND FRESH SKIN TIPS

 1. Protect your skin from sun: To move in direct sun causes many harmful objects on your skin so wh...

22 March, 2015

21 March, 2015

Begum Khaleda Zia Phone Call leaked and uploaded on Youtube

Bangladeshi former Prime Minister Begum Khaleda Zia instructed to her Party Leader over Phone

Khaleda Zia

call that  was been recorded and published on You Tube.Here are the Link of the call record: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wU72z2A9OMc.  OR CLICK HERE FOR THE Video  or watch the following video:

The Phone call of Khaleda Zia was uploaded and publishe on February 02, 2015.

People who trust more increases the experience and get older

Old Cuple
The people who used to trust more on people get more older this is the experimental findings. 

The findings were in  a social Psychological and personality science...Read More

20 March, 2015

Afriacn Country and Capital names as World second largest Continent

Africa-The Second Largest Continent Capitals Names
Africa is the Worls second largest Continent in the world by its area and population. It has 30.2 Million Square kilometter area including adjacent Island. There are more than one billion people of varieties occupation live here in the Continent. 

Africa Map

The Continent has 54 recognized states and here are the Countries ant its Capital name:

Country Name       
Porto Novo
Burkina Faso
Cape Verdi
Central African Republic
Ivory Cost
Congo Kinshasa
Equatorial Guinea
Addis Ababa
Guinea Bissau
Port Louis
Saint Denis
Saint Helena
Sao tome Principe
Sao Tome
Sierra Leone
Somali land
South Africa
South Sudan
Western Sahara

Africa jungle

18 March, 2015

Love and Sex experimental news over the media

Polite Press Breaking News 19.03.2015

Polite Press Breaking News over the Media

16 March, 2015

Dilwaali Zalim Girlfriend is going to be released on march-15 in Hindi Language

Dilwaali Zalim Girlfriend is ready to be released soon. The movie is about the story of two innocent friends.

Dilwaaley jalim Girl friend image

The main story is covered with the two friends one is Dhruv (Divyendu Sharma) is an aspirant IAS officer and another is Happy (Pradhuman Shing).

Dilwaaley jalim Girl friend image-2

The film is made under bannered of JAP films. Producer Manjit Kumar. The main star cast as Divyebdu Sharma, Ira Duvey, Jakie Sharof, Prachi Mishra, Praduman Shing, Natalia Kapchuk and many more. The movie will be released in Hindi language from India.Read More

11 March, 2015

Bangladeshi Natural Region Sundarbans-Great for tidal tour

Sunadarbans is the largest natural region and world largest mangrove forest. The history of the Sundarbans can be identified in 200-300 AD. The forest covers at most 10000 square kilometer and from that 60% in Bangladesh other 40% in India. The Royal Bengal Tiger is the most noted wild animal in this tidal forest. The Bangladeshi government has made a National Park in the forest gateway for the visitor. There are many tidal trees in the forest such as Heritiera fomes, Excoecaria agollocha, Ceriops decandra, Sonneratia apetala etc. There are many kind of wild animal in the forest and Royel bengal tiger, Hog Deer, Monkey, Bear, Betagur Basca, Python molurus, Bubalis, Crocodile etc are the mainly noted. There are many safe zone for the tourists in the Sundarbans to travel safely. The Bangladeshi government has took the place safe for the foreign tourist to moove safely and there are also strong armed forces security for the visitors.

Sundarbans photo
Safe traveling canal in sundarbans

Sundarbans photo
The wild green nature

Sundarbans photo
Some tidal fisher man landing their boat

Sundarbans photo
Dear in Sundarbans

Sundarbans photo
The Royal Bengal Tiger in the forest

Sundarbans photo
Some cottage in the safe zone

Sundarbans photo
The Deer in the mangrove forest

Sundarbans photo
Some professional collecting long Leaf

Sundarbans photo
The water path in the forest

Sundarbans photo
Sundarbans Park

In the tidal mangrove there are some secure rest houses from the Bangladeshi government and some Echo Park has been made for recreation.

Tour Facilities: Sundarbans is in Southern part of Bangladesh and near the beach of Bay of Bengal.
It is very easy to go from the capital city Dhaka to Khulna over the highway and from the Khulna city there are many engine boat to go to the forest safe zone. There is a forest information  center in Khulna to have the guideline to move. Read More