30 March, 2015

How to decrease Traffic jam in Dhaka- some resolving way

Dhaka is the Capital City of Bangladesh and one of the most high populated city in the world. The traffic jam is the main problem of the city. The people of Dhaka is being suffering for long time from this bad jam and they are finding to get solution from it. Dhaka is very important city for the people of Bangladesh because most of the sources of income are here and the people of Dhaka to move several location daily. Here are some ipportant point to be considered highly to remove the traffic jam from the city Dhaka:

1. There are so many private Car in Dhaka moving roundly for several occations. When we watch and follow inside of the cars we get a look that 01 person is seated in the car. As the result only one person has one car on the busy road even most of the time we used to see that there are no person in the car but the car is on the road.

In this sicumstance the private car should be monitored highly and there cound be some selected VIP person to have the private car in Dhaka.

2. Rickshaw, CNG auto rickshaw and Taxi Cab to be banned in the main road and the auto rickshwa and Taxi Cab could be run only in the pocket road in the city.

Traffic Jam in Dhaka

3. There are several types of population in the city and there should be several types of bus service for the several types of people.  High quality Bus to be ran in the city for those who used go by private cars and the bus service must be highly monitored by the government specially timing schedule and interrior environment.

4. Metro rail could be the great solution for the people of Dhaka. The rail schedule to be monitored by high class officials.

5. Some point could be measured to make some new flyover.

6. There are a vast of place owend by Cantonment in the city Dhaka. The Cantonment area could be replaced beside the city and that will be a great solution to recover the traffic Jam in Dhaka.

7. To decrease Private cars in the city there should be increased the Tax on the car to import and the tax should be increased thousand times.

The above points are the some important way to get relief from traffic jam in Dhaka. There are many ways to reduce traffic Jam but if we follow the above points the Traffic Jam will go far from the City Dhaka.

Sk. Boni Amin
Economist and Writer.

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