Bangladeshi Natural Region Sundarbans-Great for tidal tour

Sundarbans tour photo
Sunadarbans is the largest natural region and world largest mangrove forest. The history of the Sundarbans can be identified in 200-300 AD. The forest covers at most 10000 square kilometer and from that 60% in Bangladesh other 40% in India. The Royal Bengal Tiger is the most noted wild animal in this tidal forest. The Bangladeshi government has made a National Park in the forest gateway for the visitor. There are many tidal trees in the forest such as Heritiera fomes, Excoecaria agollocha, Ceriops decandra, Sonneratia apetala etc. There are many kind of wild animal in the forest and Royel bengal tiger, Hog Deer, Monkey, Bear, Betagur Basca, Python molurus, Bubalis, Crocodile etc are the mainly noted. There are many safe zone for the tourists in the Sundarbans to travel safely. The Bangladeshi government has took the place safe for the foreign tourist to moove safely and there are also strong armed forces security for the visitors.

Some important text message abbreviations to chat fast

Chatting and messaging is one of the assential part of our digital life. The moment is very valuable to us and we have time short but want to do more fast. We know that an abbreviations is the short form of the verb. For the example BBC: British Broadcasting Corporation. So if we learn and can use the Abbreviation in daily chat/message we can go far fast. Many people has the native power to speak in English but doesn't understand some of the Abbreviations. Some time it can be embarrasing and to much annoying for themselves who could not find the actual meaning of the word or phrase.  Read More

Seven tips for your skin to look like more younger

1. Protect your skin from sun: To move in direct sun causes many harmful objects on your skin so while you have to go in direct sun you should use sun screen cream and wear protective clothing. Try to avoid the sun from 10 AM to 4 PM and try to have sun shade.

Healty skin model

2. Do not smoke: Smoking is very harmful for our health. It brings many disease for our body. Smoking makes our skin looks like older and tends to contribute wrinkles

3. Limit the bath time: Over shower causes your skin oil less so avoid it and use warm water instead of hot.

Short profile of Tabith Awal (Tabith Mohammad Awal)

Tabith Mohammad Awal was born in Dhaka in 1979 on 20th  February. He is the son of prominent business man and political leader Mr. Abdul Awal Mintu. His mother's name is Nasrin Fatima Awal. He has two younger brother. Tabith passed the 'O' level and 

Tabith Awal photo
'A' level from American international school Dhaka. Tabith owned the BBA Degree from George Washington University America and got the Masters Degree in Information System Technology from the same university. Tabith Awal is now Deputy Chief Executive Officer (DCEO) of Bangladeshi business Group-Multimode Group. Tabith got married in 2010 and he has one son. Tabith is very capable Executive and the Multimode group acheived 100% increase of profit last three years after joining of Tabith as DCEO of the group. He holds the position Director of the noted business institution K and Q BD ltd which is the sister concern of Multimode Group.

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Short profile of Bangladeshi 10 successful Man

10 successful Bangladeshi leader/Entrepreneurs short profile

01. Dr. Muhammad Yunus

Dr. Muhammad Yunus was born in the village of Bathua on june 28 1940 in Chittagong. He completed his post graduation in Economics in 1961 from The University of Dhaka.

Dr Muhammad Yunus photo

He was Appointed by Bangladesh government planning commission but he found the job as boring and resigned the post as head of the Economics department from Chittagong University. He founded the Grameen bank which was being started from the Village Jobra. Now he is considered as the path finder of small loan for the no land holder.

Dr. Yunus became very successful entrepreneur and  awarded the Nobel peace prize in 2006 with the institution Grameen Bank.


   02.  Abul Kalam Azad 


Abul Kalam Azad is a very young and energetic entrepreneur  the chairman of Hameem Group. He was born in Faridpur district on December 31, 1959 in a Muslim family. He is a very talent industrialist. He owned the graduation degree from Dhaka University in Applied physics. 

Major Political Party in Bangladesh
Sheikh Hasina photo
Khaleda zia photo

Name of the party
Foundation year
Name of the founder
Bangladesh Awami league (AL)
Mawlana abdul hamid Khan Vashani
Nouka (Boat)
Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP)
Ziaur Rahman
Dhaner Shish
Bangladesh Jamayat e Islami
1941 (in Pakistan)
Syed Abul Ala Maududi (Pakistan)
Daripalla (Scale)
Jatia Party
Hussain M Ershad
Langol (Plow)
Islami AndolonBangladesh
Mawlana Syed Fazlul Karim
Hat pakha (Hand Fan)
Jatiyo Shomajtantrik Dal (JSD)
ASM Abdur Rab
Tara (Star)
Gano Forum

Udio man Surja (Rising Sun)

Top 10 billionaire richest man in the business world as latest in 2014



   1. Bill Gates: Net USD worth 82.4 Billion
William Henry Bill Gates

William Henry Bill Gates was born in Seattle, Washington in America in 1955 on 28 October. He is the Technology adviser of Microsoft. He is also Co-Chair of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, CEO of Cascade Investment and Chairman of Corbis. Bill Gates is in Business from 1975. He is religious in Roman Catholicism.  Bill Gates Lives in Medina Washington...Read more about Bill Gates


 2. Carlos Slim Helu: Net USD worth  81.2 Billion

Carlos Slim Helu

Carlos Slim Heli is the Chairman of Grupo Carso Was born in Mexico City of Maxico in 1940 on january 28. He lives in Mexico City and he is Mexican in Nationality. He is Graduate in Civil Engineering. He is the Chairman and CEO of Telmex, America Movil and Grupo Carso....Read more about Carlos Slim
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