02 April, 2015

Some important text message abbreviations to chat fast

Chatting and messaging is one of the assential part of our digital life. The moment is very valuable to us and we have time short but want to do more fast. We know that an abbreviations is the short form of the verb. For the example BBC: British Broadcasting Corporation. So if we learn and can use the Abbreviation in daily chat/message we can go far fast. Many people has the native power to speak in English but doesn't understand some of the Abbreviations. Some time it can be embarrasing and to much annoying for themselves who could not find the actual meaning of the word or phrase. I am here to share some important ABBREVIATIONS for you.

ASAP- As soon as possible.

GR8- Great

AML- All my love

BFF- Best friend for ever

F2F-Face to face

TMRW- Tomorrow

DEF- Definitely

CUL8R- See you later


BTW-By the way

B4N-Bye for now


BBL-Be back later

LOL-Loughing out loud

IDK-I don't know

IDC-I don't care

ILU/ILY- Ilove you


LMK-Let me know



TTYL-Talk to you later

TMI- Too much information

CYE- Check your email

FYI- For your information

BION-Bleave it or not

BRT-Be right there


PCM-Please call me

XOXO-Hugs and kisses

The above language is too essential that others are unable to work with you if don't know the meaning of the Abbreviations.  Good Luck!

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