How to decrease Traffic jam in Dhaka- some resolving way

Dhaka is the Capital City of Bangladesh and one of the most high populated city in the world. The traffic jam is the main problem of the city. The people of Dhaka is being suffering for long time from this bad jam and they are finding to get solution from it. Dhaka is very important city for the people of Bangladesh because most of the sources of income are here and the people of Dhaka to move several location daily. Here are some important point to be considered highly to remove the traffic jam from the city Dhaka:

1. There are so many private Car in Dhaka moving roundly for several occations. When we watch and follow inside of the cars we get a look that 01 person is seated in the car. As the result only one person has one car on the busy road even most of the time we used to see that there are no person in the car but the car is on the road.

In this circumstance the private car should be monitored highly and there could be some selected VIP person to have the private car in Dhaka.

2. Rickshaw, CNG auto rickshaw and Taxi Cab to be banned in the main road and the auto rickshwa and Taxi Cab could be run only in the pocket road in the city.

Traffic Jam in Dhaka

3. There are several types of population in the city and there should be several types of bus service for the several types of people.  High quality Bus to be ran in the city for those who used go by private cars and the bus service must be highly monitored by the government specially timing schedule and interrior environment.

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Big Thinker's Vocabulary-Four Ways To Develop

Here are four ways to help you develop a big thinker's vocabulary.

1. Use big, positive, cheerful words and phrases to describe how you feel. When someone asks, "How de you feel today?" and you respond with an ''I'm tired (I have a headache, I wish it were Saturday, I don't feel so good)," you actually make yourself feel worse. Practice this: it's a very simple point, but it has tremendous power. Every time someone asks you, "How are you)" or "How are you feeling today?" respond with a 'Jus wonderful thanks, and you)" or say "Great" or "Fine." Say you feel wonderful at
every possible opportunity, and you will begin to feel wonderful- and bigger, too. Become known as a person who always feels ·great. It wins friends.

Hope is a start. But hope needs action to win victories

When we face tough problems, we stay mired in. the mud until we take action. Hope is a start. But hope needs action to win victories. Put the action ptinciple to work. Next time you experience big fear or little fear, steady yourself Then search for an answer to this question: What kind of action can I take to conquer my fear? Isolate your fear. Then take appropriate action.

Below are some examples of fear and some possible action cures. 

Fear face image

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People are not measured in inches-How to Think Big

Thinking model photo

People are not measured in inches, pounds or college degrees or family background; they are measured by the size of their thinking. How big we think determines the size ofour accomplishments Now let's see how we can enlarge our thinking. Ever ask yourself "What is my greatest weakness)" Probably the greatest human weakness is self deprecation-that is, selling oneself short.  Self deprecation shows through in own ways. John sees a job advertisement in the paper; it's exactly what he would like. But he does nothing about it because he thinks, 'T m not good enough for that job, so why bother?" Or Jim wants a date with Joan, but he doesn't call her because he thinks he wouldn't rate with her. Tom feels Mr. Richards would be a very good prospect for his product, but Tom doesn't call. He feels Mr. Richards is too big to see him. Pete is filling out a job application form. One question asks, "What beginning salary do you expect)" Pete putsdown .a modest figure because he feels he really isn't worth the bigger sum that he would like to earn. Philosophers for thousands of years have issued good advice: Know thyself. But most people, it seems, interpret this suggestion to mean Know only thy negative self. Most self-evaluation consists of making long mental lists of one's faults, shortcomings, inadequacies, It's well to know our inabilities, for this shows us areas in which we can improve. But if we think only our negative characteristics in a mess. Our value is small. Here is an exercise to help you measure your true size. I've used it in training programs for executives and sales personnel. It works.

Home Manager Social responsibilities and duties

The family is a unit of the society and it is also a base unit of the society. Society helps a person to nurture his/her customs, idealism and social values. The social responsibilities and duties of a home manager involve associating herself and the other members of the family with several social organizations like Leo Clubs, Rotary Clubs, Girl Guides etc. and thereby making the family an integral part of social development.
It is also the duty of a home manager to encourage the family members in mixing with various people of the society and also to join with various programmes of the society. Side by side, she should teach the family members the social customs, manners and ideology and also encourage them to exercise those properly.

Bangladeshi Natural Region Sundarbans-Great for tidal tour

Sundarbans tour photo
Sunadarbans is the largest natural region and world largest mangrove forest. The history of the Sundarbans can be identified in 200-300 AD. The forest covers at most 10000 square kilometer and from that 60% in Bangladesh other 40% in India. The Royal Bengal Tiger is the most noted wild animal in this tidal forest. The Bangladeshi government has made a National Park in the forest gateway for the visitor. There are many tidal trees in the forest such as Heritiera fomes, Excoecaria agollocha, Ceriops decandra, Sonneratia apetala etc. There are many kind of wild animal in the forest and Royel bengal tiger, Hog Deer, Monkey, Bear, Betagur Basca, Python molurus, Bubalis, Crocodile etc are the mainly noted. There are many safe zone for the tourists in the Sundarbans to travel safely. The Bangladeshi government has took the place safe for the foreign tourist to moove safely and there are also strong armed forces security for the visitors.

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