03 April, 2015

Home Manager Social responsibilities and duties

The family is a unit of the society and it is also a base unit of the society. Society helps a person to nurture his/her customs, idealism and social values. The social responsibilities and duties of a home manager involve associating herself and the other members of the family with several social organizations like Leo Clubs, Rotary Clubs, Girl Guides etc. and thereby making the family an integral part of social development.
It is also the duty of a home manager to encourage the family members in mixing with various people of the society and also to join with various programmes of the society. Side by side, she should teach the family members the social customs, manners and ideology and also encourage them to exercise those properly.

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To encourage the family members in attending social development activities For the betterment of the society, the members of the family have to perform various activities. In this way social development is made. Now-a-days not only the educational institutions but various social organisations are also engaged in imparting education.

These social organisation are working together with government, non-government and international organisations. For example, Bangladesh Shisu Academy works for the intellectual development of children of different ages. The Mass Education Centre is providing education to the aged people. The Shandhani and the Red Crescent are engaged in different social activities and at the critical hours of the state perform special social services. Besides, as a cooperative organisation, many social organisations are engaged in diverse social development activities. So, it can be said that the responsibility of a home manager is to encourage the members of the family in participating in all these activities. It is also the duty of a home manger to create an opportunity for the members of the family to involve themselves with the social activities for the betterment of the society as well as for the family. This will help to develop social attitudes and rapport. In this way, a person can perform his/her duties as a social being.

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To encourage the participation of the family members in national programmes It is the social duty of a home manager to encourage the family members to participate in various national programmes. It is the common responsibility of every citizen to become aware of the national programmes. The national programs like the Independence Day, the Victory day and the Amar Ekushay have special significance. The nation, along with various socio-cultural organisations, celebrate these days with
due honour and fevour. It helps to unfold national identity and heritage. So, in participating in all these programmes, the feeling of nationalism grows among the family members.
 To help become aware of various national activities

The right of voting is one of the fundamental national rights. Every citizen has the right to cast his or her votes. Moreover, for the betterment of every citizen, many roads, highways, clubs, playgrounds, sanitation facilities are being provided by the Duties and Responsibilities of a Home Manager 13
state. For enjoying all these facilities, it is also the duty of every citizen to preserve all these properly. For example, keeping roads neat and clean, protecting libraries and play grounds properly are the duties of a citizen.

So, every citizen should have proper knowledge of his/her duties and responsibilities. If he/she does not know all these, he/she will fail to carry out the responsibilities. In this regard, the responsibility of a home manager is immense. About the national programmes, the home manager should aware the family members beforehand so that as dutiful citizens they could ensure their presence in all the programmes and avail the rights of a citizen. If all these are done, we can rightly say that a home manager has been performing her social responsibilities well.

Written by :
Hosen Ara Amin
Nayma Akhter
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