09 April, 2015

Everybody to know the eight things before reach 30 years of age

Life is not so easy how much do you think is the view of many people before they reached to their age 30 Years. We have to face many problems if we can’t make our life as our own thinking. Many people can’t think when to be conscious about life. It is to think about the goal after we reach at the age 20. The eight question to be marked as the gateway in our life and we to find out the answer in our depth.

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1.  What do I want with the life? It is needed to know the answer that, What do you want to be and what do you want for you because if you don’t know you have more than a half of your life in darkness.

2.  What makes me happiest? Many people will ask you about your knowledge if you don’t know what things or what kind of element of the life makes you happy.

3.  Where do I want to stand up after 10 years from now? Although it is the truth that there is no guaranty for one second in our life but people used to make plan for future. This is the reality. If you can’t then you are too much behind of your life.

4.  What do I want from my life partner? If your parents insist you to get married even after 30 years of your age then you to think how partner do you want for your life. Is the shame for you if you don’t know as regards even it is laughing matter for others.

5.  Can I pass my whole life with my beloved?  If you have girl/boy friend and you are in a bothering moment even after 30 of the age it is the big question that how kind of depth of relation in you.

6.  How many friends are true in your friends circle? There are many friends in your life around. If you are at the near of thirty of your age you should have the ability to know the real friend and false friend in your life.

7.  Am I a good man? It is little bit difficult to know yourself but in your third eye you should consider about yourself. If you can’t discover even you are in 30 years of old then you to understand that you have some problem in your maturity.

8.  What is need for myself? Do you know what do you need in your life even you are going to cross the 30 years. If you don’t know you should try to know thyself because you want a good life partner or any other thing as a principal need of your heart satisfactions. This point should understand before you reach at your age 30 years.

                                                            Happy thinking begets happy life

Transilated: Sk. Boni Amin
 Source: bangla.rupcare.com

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