01 April, 2015

Local Govt Polls Should be Partisan-Hasina

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday said local government elections should be held in a partisan manner and laws in this regard should be amended.
Sheikh Hasina photo
“The way national election is held and election campaign is conducted, the same way, I think, the local government polls should be held,” she said while replying to a lawmaker's query during the PM's question-answer session in parliament.
Hasina said current local government elections are non-partisan in nature and there is no chance to give party nomination in the polls. But the results are counted in the name of a party.
Referring to local government elections held in the USA, the UK and India, the leader of the House said, “The lawmakers and I in parliament think the local government law needs to be amended so that elections to all local government level are held in a partisan manner and political parties can give nominations in the elections.”

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