05 April, 2015

Do we Measure Calories?

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We eat to have energy but how much energy we need? How can we measure energy? Our daily successful life is ferformed by our mental and physical energy and this why we to know how we get energy and how much we need. Calorie is the unit of measurement of energy. Energy is essential to meets our bodies basic metablism, to compensate for the excretory losses and for various physical activities. Our body gatheres and uses energgy from the conception unit we die and keeps ourselve alive. The human body uses energy even we the people are asleep. We can't measure energy but we can measure heat and this is to easy that by measuring heat we can measure energy. Energy may be in the various form and  such of heat chemical, electrical, mechanical or solar energy. The energy can be diverted or converted from one to another.

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Now we to the point of Calorie. What is calorie? Calorie is the quantity of heat required to raise the temperature of 01 gm of water to 1degree C. The unit is used as kilocalorie which short form as kcal. 01 kilocalorie is measured as the due quantity of heat requred to raise the temperature of 01 kg of water to 01 degree C.

The energy value of foods can be expressed in terms of kilocalories.

1gm carbohydrate 4.1 Kilocalories
1gm protein 5.65 Kilocalories
1gm fat 9.45 Kilocalories

All the food energy may be available to the body when the food is used in the body. Small amount of energy is lost after digestion and absorption. A portion is lost in undigested food which is excreted. How much food energy available after loss in digestion is given below.

1gm Carbohydrates 4 Kilocalories
1gm Proteins 4 Kilocalories
1gm Fats 9 Kilocalories

Foods are naturally divided into various group. We have energy from from Calorie and we to know hao much Calorie contains in how kind of foods. Here are some example:

(a)    Calorie value of an Egg

Calorie Value
Protein 6gm
6 X 4 = 24
Fat 4gm
Total Calorie

(b)   Milk (8 Ounce) or 24 ml

Calorie Value
Protein 8gm
Carbohydrate 10gm
Fat 10gm

Total Calorie

© Calorie value of 100 gm wheat flower

Calorie Value
Carbohydrate 69.4gm
Protein 12.1 gm
=48.4 kcal
Fat 1.7gm
=15.3 kcal
341.3 kcal

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We should try to keep our health well so we can try to have our daily food thinking the calorie value in our daily life.

Writer-Sk. Boni Amin
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