01 November, 2014

Fake egg-be aware of artificial and how to identify

                           THIS IS NEED TO BE AWARE OF ARTIFICIAL EGG      

This not so long ago the the people discovered fake egg and introduces that into 

Egg photo

public market as real chicken egg. So, You should be very careful when to think to buy egg. 

Egg photo

Dear Reader, I am sharing here for you how to Identify the fake egg 


1. The shell of fake egg is a little bit shinier to look than the real.
2. If you shake the fake egg that will make some noises inside.
3. The hand feel of the fake egg will be some rough than the real egg.
4. The real egg smells as like raw meat but the fake will different.
5. When you will fry the fake egg the yolk will be spread without any touch. 
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